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  • Andreina Linares DOMP

Benefits of Osteopathy

As I said in a previous post, osteopathy is based on the tenet that the body is a unit which means that it sees the body as a whole , by which we can say that osteopathy is holistic in nature and the treatment of Osteopathy produces many benefits for our body such as:

1) Improve posture

The aim of Osteopathic manipulative Treatment (OMT) is to realign the structures of your body. This realignment helps to increase the flexibility of your spine. Then, posture can slowly and naturally improve as the spine becomes more flexible. A good posture also helps to breath and reduce tension throughout the body.

2) Improve circulation.

A good circulation is essential for your body to have a proper suplement of nutrients and oxygen, and also for the removal of waste products. A circulation improvement of your body fluids maximize your energy level. It also helps in muscle recovery, and promote the natural healing process.

3) Increase and promote joint flexibility.

OMT helps to relieve stored tension in the ligaments of the joints and this relief will decrease the stiffness and encourage flexibility.

4) Reduce anxiety.

Usually anxiety is stored in some key areas of the body, such as lower back, shoulders, neck, liver and stomach. By relieving these areas of tension the mind get off anxiety.

5) Chronic and Acute pain relieve.

OMT increase the production of Beta-endorphins in the body. These beta-endorphins are the natural pain killer neurotransmitter of the body. An increae production of this neurotransmitter help to reduce the pain.

6) Decrease of muscle spam.

OMT are quite succesfull in breaking the muscle spam/pain cycle which bring a decrease on pain.

7) Improve function of Digestive System

As OMT include a gentle manipulation of the organs of your body with the goal of decreasing restrictions that have been created around them. Decreasing these restrictions will allow the organ works properly and this will improve the function of the digestive system.

To conclude I can say that osteopathic treatment promotes general well-being because all the OMT what it seeks is to promote self healing of your body.

I hope that after reading this post your doubts about the benefits of osteopathy have been clear and if you need some treatment look for your trusted Manual osteopath and book an appointment.

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