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Our goal is to improve the life of our patients, one session at a time.
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After a life-changing experience, Andreina decided to immerse herself in rehabilitation sciences: helping patients quickly became her life purpose. She studied Occupational Therapy and after a few years, she upgraded her skills by graduating in Physiotherapy.

With over +20 years of experience working with patients with orthopedic and neurological conditions, she found herself wanting to learn new concepts to expand her knowledge. She learned about the Fascial network, the biological fabric that holds us together, and this led her to Osteopathy.

Andreina discovered how this hand-on approach to discomfort, positively affects restrictions on the tissue, removing the underlying cause of pain and facilitating the healing of the body. This encouraged her to make the decision to dedicate her life to the service of others – easing their patients’ pain and improving their quality of life.

She’s seen first hand how, through osteopathy – her patients regained control of their life in the face of chronic pain. Mothers who are now playing with their children again, students enjoying their social outings, workers going back to their jobs: this therapy is for everyone that wants to reclaim their life from pain and discomfort.

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