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  • Andreina Linares DOMP

Tips for wearing your backpack.

Now that is time for back to school you can learn a few tips in how to wear your Backpack properly. Wearing your backpack incorrectly can lead you to bad posture and bring as a result some pain.

The first thing that you should know and never forget is that always wear both shoulder straps rather than sling your backpack with one strap over one shoulder. Using your backpack with only one strap on just one side will put all the pressure on one shoulder, so your spine will curve laterally in order to compensate the extra weight on one side of your body, this posture can cause your pain in your neck, shoulder and back.

Another tip that I will give to you is adjust the straps so the backpack is high on your back (it shouldn’t past your waist neither be over your hips) and the straps should be comfortable over your shoulders, also make sure that both straps are at the same length to ensure that the weight of your backpack is balanced.

When the backpack is too low on your back it means that the straps are too loose, the weight on this area will make your body lean forward for compensation which can increase the pressure in your back and pain can arise.

If you feel that your backpack is too heavy cut down on what is inside, only take what is really necessary and leave the rest on your locker or at home.

Be honest with yourself and be careful with your body, only you will know what feels comfortable and remember that is better prevent that fix it after.

If you feel low back pain or in any area of your body, do not wait until it get worse, ask for an Osteopathic Assessment and we can check what is happening.

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