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Plantar Fasciitis

The plantar fasciitis syndrome is an inflammation of plantar fascia which is a flat band of elastic tissue that is on the sole of the foot and that extends from the heel to the fingers.

The main function of plantar fascia is maintain the plantar arch and absorb the force that occurs when the foot hits the ground when you walk, run or do any activity.

This inflammation could be caused by:

- Weakness of the muscles of the area

- Inadequate footwear

- Sudden increase in physical activity

- Overweight

- Tight calf muscles

The main symptom is pain in the inner area of the foot and/or at the base of the heel. This pain may be more intense in the morning when you wake up and improves after a few movements of your foot. The pain also can increase while the day passes due to activity.

If you suffer from foot pain I recommend you to consult with your Dr. for a diagnosis. In Fasciacare Osteopathic Clinic we will make an assessment to know which specific structures are affected and the Osteopathy Practitioner with manual techniques will work directly in the affected area with the aim of relaxing the tissues and reducing the pain.

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