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  • Andreina Linares DOMP

Treating Headaches

Many Canadians suffer from chronic headaches or migraines and studies shows that these headaches have a major impact on productivity and lifestyle and it can result in days away from work, restrict activities and disrupt relationships.

Headaches can be caused by multiple factors but in this post I will talk about those headaches that are caused by muscles tension or fascia restrictions on your neck and upper back but also can be caused by a vascular drainage deficit or some tensions at the membranes that cover and protect your brain (meninges).

With Osteopathy manipulative techniques we can help to decrease headaches considerable. If the cause of headache is muscle tension we can use gentle soft tissue techniques or even some muscle energy technique in order to relieve any tension or restrictions on the area.

In other way if the cause of the headaches are some tensions or restrictions at the Craniosacral System or some vascular drainage deficit, we can apply some Craniosacral Therapy in order to relieve those tensions and promote a proper fluids flow which it will help with your headaches

I f you suffer from headaches or migraines you can call your Osteopathic Manual Practitioner and book an appointment.

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