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  • Andreina Linares DOMP

Importance of your neck

Since your head is home to most of your sensory organs, your head must be able to move in relationship to your body, it is the neck that provides this function as the information always goes through the neck to the head for integration.

All food, drink and air normally reach the body via the head and neck, blood passes from the body through the neck in order to nourish, protect and remove waste products from the head. Therefore, brain function, sensory system and body activity are all dependent upon the efficient and well-regulated function of transport system in the neck.

In order to carry out all of these activities the neck must be able to rotate right and left, side-bend, flex forward and extend backwards. It must also support the weight of the head and not interfere with nerve conduction either inside or outside the spinal cord, avoid compressing blood flow, maintain an open-air passage and open and close the correct tubes so that food and drink may be properly swallowed.

To perform all these functions properly, is very important that we keep all the structures of the neck free of restrictions and free for movement. With Osteopathy we can decrease some tightness and release restrictions that may have been building over the years on your neck structures and are causing you discomfort, stiffness and pain.

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