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  • Andreina Linares DOMP

How Visceral Manipulation help?

Visceral Manipulation (VM) is a therapy that consists in manual forces used to release fascial restrictions in the abdomen, pelvis and chest with the final goal of encouraging normal mobility and function of the viscera.

Usually, the viscera move freely with respect to each other because they are surrounded by a membrane formed by fascia that forms sliding surfaces between each other.

When visceral restriction occurs, it means that the viscera is no longer freely mobile in the cavity and it can be fixed to another structure. To compensate this, the body is forced to accommodate, causing a functional problem that eventually develops to a structural problem, and pain can arise.

There are many factors that can cause visceral restrictions such as infections, traumatism, eating habits, history of surgery, inflammatory conditions within the abdomino pelvic cavity, stress, poor posture and even pregnancies.

Straining forces involved in sports, car accidents and falls can affect your organs just as much as your muscles and bones. These forces can injure the soft tissue creating tearing and bruising, followed by formation of scar tissue. Your body does its best to protect your organs during extreme forces, however it causes an aftermath of restrictions that can result in pain, not only locally but also in different areas of your body due that everything is connected by Fascial System.

The goal of Visceral Manipulation is to release these restrictions, letting the organs function properly and relieving the pain in different areas related to each viscera affected.

If you want treatment and want to find a Visceral Manipulation Practitioner near you CLICK HERE (International Association of health Practitioners)

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