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  • Andreina Linares DOMP

Neck pain ?

Neck pain is one of the most common complains nowadays. It can be caused by trauma, myofascial restrictions, bad posture at work, sleeping or using your phone, and even by accumulated tensions in the muscles by our daily life activities.

All of these situations result not only in neck pain, but also affecting the shoulders and upper back, causing headaches, tenderness, tingling radiated to the arms and joint stiffness, which will eventually produce a decrease in the range of motion of the joints.

Osteopathic treatment helps improve these affections, first by realigning the structures of the neck and shoulders which decrease tension at the joints. And second, by releasing myofascial restrictions blood flow to the area increases, so the muscles can work effectively and ultimately, decrease the pain.

If you suffer from Neck Pain, you can call you Osteopathic Manual Practitioner and book an appointment.

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